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Three prepared pastries stuffed with blueberries and topped with dairy free brie cheese

Blueberry & Dairy-Free Brie Tart

Whip up this "nearly effortless" and ~entirely scrumptious~ Un-Brie-Lievable™ Blueberry and Cheese Galette! Top it with your favourite non-dairy ice cream.

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Platter of fruits arranged in a rainbow shape by color. Dairy-free cheese spread on baguette slices form a cloud shape at the base.

Rainbow Fruit Plate

Happy Pride Month! Enjoy this rainbow themed platter, we are also proud to announce we are officially a CGLCC certified LGBTQ+ business enterprise!

Baguette of dairy-Free cheesy garlic bread prepared and sliced. Served beside a bowl of melted dairy-free butter and a box of dairy-free gouda cheese.

Dairy-Free Garlic & Herb Cheesy Bread

Ladies, if they: are hot, smell amazing, make your mouth water, are drenched in butter and covered in cheese... that's not your crush, that's garlic bread.

Wooden platter topped with radish canapes made from sliced bread, dairy-free cheese, sliced radishes and topped with fresh herbs. Served next to a box and sliced wedge of dairy-free black garlic cheese.

1 Minute Radish Canape

This delicious creation only takes 1 minute to make. Think about all the great things you could do with all the extra time you save making this, for example you could go try another one of our reci...

Two pieces of bread topped with dairy-free cheese and garlic confit sit on a wood plate. Beside them is a wedge of dairy-free black garlic cheese.

Stovetop Garlic Confit with Black Garlic & Phoeapolis Olive Oil

Garlic Confit? These creamy, garlicy cloves can be used in countless applications! We paired with sourdough bread and our black garlic cheese.

A hand is dipping bread into a bowl of dairy-free whipped brie dip which is topped with roasted olives.

Whipped Brie Dip with Roasted Olives

First there was #tiktokfetapasta, now we are obsessed with this whipped “feta” dip with roasted olives, made with Un-Brie-Lievable™. We are never making anything else for lunch, dinner or snack, ev...

A bowl of vegan queso made from dairy-free chipotle cheddar cheese, topped with veggie ground, dairy-free sour cream, avocado, and jalapenos. Served with tortilla chips next to a box of dairy-free chipotle cheddar cheese.

Fully Loaded Vegan Queso

The perfect pairing for a hot day outside sitting wtih friends! Whip up some vegan queso and let the fun times roll.

Bowl of cooked pasta with kale and a lemony sauce made with dairy-free artichoke & herb cheese. Topped with herbed breadcrumbs and served next to a stick of dairy-free butter.

Lemony Artichoke & Herb Bucatini with Herbed Breadcrumbs

Herbed Artichoke and Lemon Bucatini with crispy bread crumbs and chilies!

A stack of fried panko crusted vegan cheese sticks served with a bowl of marinara sauce beside a box of dairy-free smoky gouda cheese.

Panko Crusted Fried Vegan Cheese Sticks

Pair with some marinara sauce for a truly saucy experience!

A plated of roasted jalapeno poppers stuffed with dairy-free chipotle cheddar cheese and wrapped with vegan bacon, green onions sprinkled on top. Beside the plate is a box of dairy-free chipotle cheddar cheese.

4 Ingredient Bacon Wrapped Maple Jalapeno Poppers

MMM... [Vegan] Bacon. Need we say more? Ok: 4 ingredients. Appealing Appetizer. Vegan Bacon!

Fondue pot filled with melted dairy-free cheese. Three fondue forks with pieces of bread are seen dipping into the vegan cheese sauce. Next to the pot is a box of dairy-free smoky gouda cheese and a baguette.

Whole Roasted Garlic & Beer Fondue

Soooo fondue you! Our Roasted Garlic and Beer Fondue is a total cheese dip dream. Warm your hands over a bubbling pot of this easy to make, easy to customize, and easy to share dish. What do you li...

A loaf of bread stuffed with dairy-free gouda and pesto. Served on a cutting board next to a wedge of dairy-free smoky gouda cheese.

Pesto & Smoky Gouda Pull Apart Bread

The best thing since sliced bread? This pull-apart sourdough stuffed with pesto and our Smoky Gouda cashew cheese! Simply cross hatch, stuff, bake, and serve! #houseofcarbs

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