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Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Easy, homemade dairy-free and vegan dark chocolate ice cream bars! A must-have summer treat to keep in the freezer all season long. Made by Hope @localplanteater on IG!

Nuts For Cheese™ Recipes

Easy. Peasy. Oh So Cheesy. Let’s create something delicious. From simple weeknight dinners, to decadent desserts, to crowd-pleasing comfort foods, we’ve got you covered with easy to follow, plant-based recipes that will inspire your inner chef.

A plate of blueberry waffles with Nuts For Cheese Un-Brie-Lievable Cheese

Brie & Berry Protein Waffles

Where there's a waffle, there's a way! These very-berry fluffy squares of goodness are soft on the inside, crisp on the outside and Un-Brie-Lievably tasty on the 'buds'. Your next brunch showstoppe...

Vegan Smoked "Whitefish" Bagel

Vegan Smoked "Whitefish" Bagel

Hey there, hop stuff! We teamed up with our friends at Seed to Surf to bring you an ear-resistible, over-the-top, must make Easter brunch sandwich: celery root smoked "whitefish" salad on a bagel w...

Vegan Raspberry Brie Scones with a Raspberry Glaze on a counter with a wedge of Un-Brie-Lievable and a box of Unsalted Original Butter

Vegan Raspberry Brie Scones

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is... vegan raspberry brie scones! Light, flaky and so flavorful that you will make them again and again!

Slice of toast on a plate loaded with dairy-free blue cheese, rapini and leeks. Served next to a pan with more cooked rapini and leeks and a cutting board with a wedge of dairy free blue cheese.

Toast with Rapini & Leeks

Is there any better way then to start your morning off with this combination?

Skillet with a baked vegan frittata, made with dairy free chipotle cheddar cheese and topped with roasted tomatoes and vegan sausage next to a box of dairy free chiptotle cheddar cheese.

Vegan Sausage & Chipotle Cheddar Frittata

No yolk, this Chipotle Cheddar vegan frittata is super easy to make and makes the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner... need we go on?

Plate of vegan pancakes arranged in the shape of a bunny, served with fresh berries and a pat of dairy-free butter. Served next to a stick of dairy-free butter, napkin, and fork.

Vegan Pancakes

Hop to it folks with our bunny themed pancakes, hop hop!

Open tortilla shell topped with one ingredient in each quadrant: dairy-free chipotle cheddar cheese, avocado, shredded lettuce, cooked vegan sausage.

DIY Breakfast (Huevos) Tortilla Wrap

A little late to the party, but: we’re here! we’re folding up a sphere! and we’re going to enjoy this cheesy vegan breakfast pocket quesadilla with a beer!

A stack of French toast on a plate, drizzled with maple syrup and stuffed with strawberries and dairy-free brie cheese. A spoon is adding a dollop of strawberry compote to the top and a box of dairy-free brie cheese is in the background.

Stuffed Brie & Strawberry French Toast

Nice and rosy, and comfy cozy are we. We snuggle close together, like two birds of a feather would be. French toast is better, with berries and Brie!

Three open-faced bagels topped with dairy-free artichoke & herb cheese, vegan carrot lox, red onions, capers, and fresh dill. Served next to a box of dairy-free artichoke & herb cheese.

Carrot Lox Bagel with Smoky Artichoke & Herb Cream Cheese

You are my everything [bagel]!” “I love you a whole lox!” Is what your hunny will be saying when you make them this perfect breakfast in bed. Or maybe your vibe is a little more ~*swipe left*~. Eit...

A stack of vegan frittata cups made with sweet potatoes and dairy-free chipotle cheddar cheese. served on a plate with a fresh green salad next to a box of dairy-free chipotle cheddar cheese.

Sweet Potato Crusted Mexi-Frittata Cups

What noise does a gun make? Frittata-tatatatatata. These sweet potato frittata cups make a great breakfast or perfect mid-day snack!

A plate with English muffins prepared with vegan eggs and a dairy-free hollandaise sauce. Served with fresh green salad next to a box of dairy-free smoky gouda cheese.

Vegan "Eggs" Benedict

Do you believe in life after brunch? ⁣This Sunday classic is totally beyond repoach. 

A stack of sweet potato cinnamon waffles in a bowl topped with dairy-free brie cheese and fresh strawberries. Served next to a box of dairy-free brie cheese.

Vegan & Grain-free Sweet Potato Cinnamon Waffles With Brie Cream Cheese Frosting

Ready to whip up a batch of these vegan, grain-free waffles this weekend? The dairy-free Brie cream cheese makes a perfect topping!

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