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Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Easy, homemade dairy-free and vegan dark chocolate ice cream bars! A must-have summer treat to keep in the freezer all season long. Made by Hope @localplanteater on IG!

Nuts For Cheese™ Recipes

Easy. Peasy. Oh So Cheesy. Let’s create something delicious. From simple weeknight dinners, to decadent desserts, to crowd-pleasing comfort foods, we’ve got you covered with easy to follow, plant-based recipes that will inspire your inner chef.

Chopped Grinder Pasta Salad

Chopped Grinder Pasta Salad

In our ✨pasta salad era✨. Everything you love about the viral grinder salad sandwich, but hold the sandwich, add some pasta and make it oOoOh so gouda.

Pan filled with baked cauliflower in a dairy-free cheese sauce. Set next to a box of dairy-free gouda cheese.

Smoky Gouda Cauliflower Bake

This smoky gouda cauliflower bake holds a special place in our heart. It's not your typical "bake" or casserole dish. Nope. It's hearty, comforting, smoky, and super cheesy! This dish quickly toppe...

Bowl of pink, dairy-free beet ravioli topped with nuts and dairy-free smoked gouda cheese.

Smoky Gouda, Beet & Pistachio Ravioli

The beet of my heart! This dairy-free ravioli is a real heart throb!

Bread bowl stuffed with vegan spinach dip made from dairy-free artichoke & herb cheese.

Dairy-Free Spinach Dip in Pumpernickle Bread Bowl

When I dip you dip we dip! Try this incredibly creamy, rich, and party perfect Spinach and Artichoke Dip using our Artichoke and Herb cheese!

Large bowl of air fried vegan wontons stuffed with dairy-free gouda cheese and served with a bowl of sweet chili sauce. Box of dairy-free smoked gouda cheese in the background.

Cheesy Air Fried Wontons

You’ve got me wonton more! (Is what you’ll be saying once you sink your teeth into one of these Smoky Gouda stuffed air fried cuties!) Crisped to perfection, filled with cheese, and dipped in a swe...

Bowl of cheesy vegan ramen with wood chopsticks. Served beside two boxes of dairy-free cheese.

Cheesy Ramen

Ramen? Mac and Cheese? Need to experience both at the same time? Yeah, us too.

Baguette of dairy-Free cheesy garlic bread prepared and sliced. Served beside a bowl of melted dairy-free butter and a box of dairy-free gouda cheese.

Dairy-Free Garlic & Herb Cheesy Bread

Ladies, if they: are hot, smell amazing, make your mouth water, are drenched in butter and covered in cheese... that's not your crush, that's garlic bread.

Lettuce wrap on a cutting board topped with vegan sliced turkey, dairy-free gouda cheese, and a pickle slice. Served next to a sliced wedge of dairy-free smoked gouda cheese.

Lettuce Wraps (Lizzo Remake)

Whatever @lizzobeeating, we wanna be eating. This take on our fave #plantbased superstar’s (and current #vegantiktok addiction) collard green wraps uses Boston Bibb lettuce, Nuts For Cheese™ Smoky ...

A dairy-free dessert cheeseboard featuring wedges of dairy-free brie, dairy-free gouda, grapes, strawberries, vegan chocolate, and red roses.

Dairy-Free Dessert Cheese Board

Dear, sweet hearts, this plate is the cheesiest, most chocolately , jam-packed with deliciousness #platter ever. Go ahead...judge us. Of maple syrup level sappiness and inciting cashew consumption ...

Plate of round stacks of cheesy vegan scalloped potatoes served next to a cutting board with dairy-free artichoke & herb cheese.

Cheesy Muffin-Tin Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

Try our hand held bite sized brunch hack this weekend! Scallop your cheesy taters in a muffin tin! Hold your mimosa in one hand and your cheese and confit garlic infused potato stack in the other! ...

A vegan big-mac made with dairy-free cheese sauce sits on a plate. In the background is a box of dairy-free smoked gouda cheese.

Vegan Big Mac (Sauce)

Return of the Mac. Who wants some? People of Ontario, this #bigmac stay-at-home indulgence goes out to you, our friends.

Baked galette in ratatouille-style featuring roasted tomatoes and zucchini and baked with a dairy-free gouda cheese. Served on a platter next to whole fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs, and a box of dairy-free smoky gouda cheese.

Ratatouille Galette with Creamy Rose Sauce

A galette for every season. Dairy-Free, plant-based, and full of flavour!

Prepared pizza made with dairy-free gouda cheese, sundried tomatoes, arugula, and cherry tomatoes.

Smoky Gouda Bianca Pizza

I’ve always found that the best cure for the “Sunday Scaries” is digging my hands into some dough. That’s why in my kitchen, I’ve totally ritualized Sunday night pizza night. ⁣

A plate with English muffins prepared with vegan eggs and a dairy-free hollandaise sauce. Served with fresh green salad next to a box of dairy-free smoky gouda cheese.

Vegan "Eggs" Benedict

Do you believe in life after brunch? ⁣This Sunday classic is totally beyond repoach. 

A plate of grilled cauliflower drizzled with a dairy-free cheesy red pepper sauce and fresh herbs.

Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce

Doesn’t this just make you want to grill up some cauliflower and douse it in cheesy, creamy, red pepper sauce before settling down for an evening with Bob Odenkirk?

Say Cheese!

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