Nuts For Cheese dairy free cheese wedges beautifully displayed on a cheeseboard with crackers and fresh vegetables.

The Nuts For Cheese™ Story

The Nuts For Cheese™ Story

Our journey highlights!

Nuts For Cheese™ was born in 2015 at a farmer’s market in London, Ontario out of a passion to create and share delicious, plant-based cheeses with others. What started as a solo venture has grown into a dedicated team helping to craft artisanal dairy-free cheeses that are now available across Canada (and beyond). Here are a few highlights along our journey!

Collage of polaroid style pictures showing Nuts For Cheese early days at the London Farmer's Market and first packaging of dairy-free cheese wedges.

How it all began

While working as a vegan chef, Margaret started experimenting with nuts and seeds to create creamy, plant-based cheeses. When she introduced a vegan cheese board to the restaurant menu it quickly became a popular menu item and Margaret knew she was on to something!

Restaurant customers wanted to purchase this cashew-based cheese to enjoy at home, so Margaret started spending her evenings crafting cheese in a shared kitchen and then spending weekends selling vegan cheese at the local farmer’s market in London, Ontario, growing a local fan base of non-dairy and dairy cheese lovers alike.

Collage of polaroid style pictures showing Nuts For Cheese first pallet of product and new warehouse.

The early days

As the buzz around Nuts For Cheese™ grew, local retailers started asking Margaret to sell her cheese in their stores. Packaging up the first wedges and shipping them off to Farm Boy was a major milestone!

As demand for Nuts For Cheese™ increased, it was time to build our own manufacturing facility so we could keep Margaret’s farmer’s market recipes intact. So many plant-based cheeses start with potato starch or oils, and for Margaret, nuts were clearly the only way to go! 

We opened our 6000 sq.ft facility in London, Ontario and quickly filled it with cheese! Since then, we’ve expanded our footprint to 25,000 sq.ft to keep up with demand and give us space to create new delicious dairy-free products.

Collage of polaroid style pictures showing Nuts For Cheese team at tradeshows and a wedge of dairy-free cheese in front of an Erewhon store.

Nuts For Cheese™ Today

To the delight of our fans south of the 49th parallel, we started delivering Nuts For Cheese™ products to Whole Foods Market and Sprouts Farmers Market in the United States. Nuts For Cheese™ is now sold in all 50 states!

Stay tuned as we introduce new products, expand to new areas, and cook up new ways to bring people together in the name of good food.