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Welcome to the Culture Behind the Cheese

About Nuts For Cheese™

Nuts For Cheese™ is handcrafted in Canada. Our 100% dairy-free vegan cheese is shreddable, spreadable, sliceable, and meltable. Nuts For Cheese™ is sold at retailers across the USA and Canada!

Some People Love Cheese;

We're Nuts For Cheese!

Our mission is to create delicious, 100% dairy-free & vegan cheese for cheese lovers everywhere.

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Our Story

Nuts For Cheese™ was born in 2015 at a farmer's market in London, Ontario out of a passion to create and share delicious, plant-based cheeses with others. What started as a solo venture has grown into a dedicated team helping to craft a line of artisanal dairy-free products that are now available across Canada (and beyond).

From one cheese lover to another, we invite you to join us on this journey!


Our Process


We believe that intentionally-crafted foods made to taste absolutely delicious have the power to bring people together, to elevate me-time moments, and to turn every snacking occasion into a celebration.

An Artisanal Journey

Using traditional cheesemaking techniques, we start by handcrafting our cashew based cheese wheels from organic cashews and fermenting with house made cultures. So while our products are aged, they are also very much alive, making our tastebuds and microbiomes happy.

Wheels of Love

Each cheese wheel enjoys its unique journey through our Cheesequarters, some have a blend of homemade sauces or fresh herbs and spices and others have hand painted rinds. Once ready, our wheels are aged to perfection.

The Wedge

From there our creamy cashew cheese wheels are sliced into wedges. Each wedge is lovingly packaged in our distinctive triangle box and sent on its way to a store near you.

Our Commitments

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We take great care in sourcing the highest-quality, certified organic ingredients. Organic farming means better quality ingredients from the soil up. From farm to fermentation, our intentional practices are designed to benefit people and the planet.

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We connect people through good food. Forging positive relationships and building our community in and around our organization is our top priority. We believe in creating a work environment where our team can be themselves and celebrate the creativity and new perspectives that diversity brings!

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As a plant-based company, sustainable practices are the essence of our culture and a foundational framework for how we operate. From building strong supplier relationships to our recyclable packaging, we aim to continually improve and cultivate an environment of doing our part for people and the planet.

Our Ingredients

Crafted from creamy, craveable cashews and rich in probiotics, our organic, vegan cheeses are made with the finest, whole food ingredients, without cutting corners. That means no starches, no gums, no fillers…ever.  A dairy-free cheese that tastes good and makes you feel good too. Now that’s nuts.

Organic Cashews

Our creamy, craveable cashews are the star of the show. We use organic cashews to make our homemade cashew milk; the luscious base for our dairy-free cheese. Rich in healthy fats, protein, and minerals, we are nutty about cashews because their neutral flavor provides the perfect base for our many cheese varieties and their natural oils give our cheese’s their velvety and decadent mouthfeel.

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps give our cheese their distinctive soft and creamy texture. Coconut oil is a versatile, plant-based oil extracted from the meat of mature coconuts. Coconut Oil is made up of fatty acids and is praised for its potential health benefits, including supporting good cholesterol levels,  skin health and immune function.

Organic Quinoa Rejuvelac

Rejuve-huh? Our organic quinoa rejuvelac is what ferments our homemade cashew milk. This probiotic-rich liquid acts as a natural starter, giving our cheese its creamy consistency and unique tangy flavor notes. Making our cultures from scratch, rather than using pre-made, adds a few days to our process, but we believe it is part of the secret sauce that makes our cheese unbelievably tasty and gut healthy.

Nutritional Yeast

Packed with essential nutrients, nutritional yeast brings a cheesy, nutty flavor. It also a good source of B12 and contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein, like those found in animal products (although you know we’re only about plants here!).

Chickpea Miso

A fermented paste made from chickpeas, salt, and koji culture. As a soy-free alternative to traditional miso, Chickpea Miso brings a savory, umami-rich flavor.

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