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A bowl of vegan lasagna soup topped with pieces of dairy free artichoke and herb cheese.

Easy Vegan Creamy Lasagna Soup

This bowl of creamy lasagna soup has comfort food written all over it. It has everything you LOVE about lasagna in one yummy bowl! The perfect meal for a big family gathering or a simple weeknight ...

Nuts For Cheese™ Recipes

Easy. Peasy. Oh So Cheesy. Let’s create something delicious. From simple weeknight dinners, to decadent desserts, to crowd-pleasing comfort foods, we’ve got you covered with easy to follow, plant-based recipes that will inspire your inner chef.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Spread love and delicious dairy-free cream cheese frosting! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a vegan red velvet cupcake with dreamy frosting made from our cashew-based Original Cream Cheese - baked b...

Mini Vegan Cheesecake Tarts

Mini Vegan Cheesecake Tarts

🍓🫐 Mini bites of berry ✨bliss✨But there’s nothing mini about the flavour of these plant-based fruit tarts. 🍓🫐

Lemon Poppyseed Loaf Cake

Lemon Poppyseed Loaf Cake

  Sweet, citrusy, bright, and down right delicious. This lemon poppyseed loaf is simple enough for a quick and easy breakfast or fancy enough for afternoon tea with friends.  

Baked vegan cinnamon rolls drizzled with a dairy-free cream dressing.

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

The vegan cinnamon roll of your dreams is HERE! Soft, fluffy and buttery. Enjoy these delicious cinnamon rolls as a special treat or a midday pick-me-up.

Dairy-free chocolate chip cookies scattered about next to boxes of dairy-free butter and a cup of chocolate chips.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happiness is warm, buttery and sweet chocolate chip cookies. The perfect recipe for the holidays or when you're in the mood for a midnight bake sesh.

Dairy-Free vegan chocolate truffles in assorted colours sitting on parchment paper next to a box of dairy-free butter.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Blissfully elegant. Indulgent. Decadent. And delicious.These vegan chocolate truffles topped with coconut, chopped pistachios and dried cranberries are easier to make than you think. Plus, they mak...

Three prepared pastries stuffed with blueberries and topped with dairy free brie cheese

Blueberry & Dairy-Free Brie Tart

Whip up this "nearly effortless" and ~entirely scrumptious~ Un-Brie-Lievable™ Blueberry and Cheese Galette! Top it with your favourite non-dairy ice cream.

Prepared vegan lemon cheesecake topped with candied lemon slices, served on a wood platter. One slice has been cut from the cake and shown plated in the background with fresh lemons and a box of dairy-free brie cheese.

Vegan Lemon Cheesecake with Candied Lemon Peel

When life gives you lemons, add a little zest to your life by whipping up a vegan cheesecake with our Un-Brie-Lievable™ Cheese and our Unsalted Butter.

Three scoops of vegan edible cookie dough with chocolate chips are served in a cup beside a box of dairy-free brie cheese.

Edible Cookie Dough

In honour of #nationalpeanutbutterloversday, we whipped up this #ediblecookiedough recipe. Aside from the obvious reasons, we love this recipe because it makes one portion. To us, this means we can...

A plate of baked puff pastries stuffed with dairy-free cheese and raspberry jam sit on a plate beside a wedge of dairy-free cranberry pink peppercorn cheese.

Cranberry Peppercorn Puff Pastry

Vegan Jam Puff Pastry with Cranberry Pink Peppercorn

A dairy-free dessert cheeseboard featuring wedges of dairy-free brie, dairy-free gouda, grapes, strawberries, vegan chocolate, and red roses.

Dairy-Free Dessert Cheese Board

Dear, sweet hearts, this plate is the cheesiest, most chocolately , jam-packed with deliciousness #platter ever. Go ahead...judge us. Of maple syrup level sappiness and inciting cashew consumption ...

Rice crispy squares are scattered about and stacked in piles. Made with dairy-free butter, a box of dairy-free brown butter can be seen in the background.

Vegan Brown Butter and Sea Salt Rice Crispy Squares

Doesn't get much better than our salted original cultured cashew butter, melted and browned, combined with My Dandies vegan marshmallows (vanilla-ey micro pillows of perfection), enveloping crisp r...

Plate of snowflake-shaped vegan butter sugar cookies topped with white icing and sprinkles. In the background is a box of dairy-free butter and more cookies on a cooling rack.

Vegan Butter Sugar Cookies

“Christmas” is synonymous with “cookie” for us and we worked long and hard on a plant-based sugar cookie recipe that’d fool your grandma. In fact, she may even ask for the recipe. Don’t do what our...

Baked donuts on a cooling rack, covered in a dairy-free brie and cinnamon glaze set beside a box of dairy-free brie cheese.

Brie & Cinnamon Glazed Donuts

Whether you’re “eating glazed doughnuts” today or not, you should probably eat these glazed doughnuts.

Baked galette stuffed with cinnamon apples and dairy-free brie cheese. Served next to a box of dairy-free brie.

Rustic Caramel Apple Galette with Brie

You’re the apple of my pie! You're going to love this Un-Brie-Lievable™ dessert, trust us.

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