Nuts For Cheese™ Organic & dairy-free fermented Chipotle Cheddar cheese wedge and package on a plate with tomato and cucumber bread pieces and cashew nuts

Organic, Plant-Based Cheese & Butter

Good Food is our Love Language

We’re crafting dairy-free cheese for cheese lovers everywhere. Cheese that is so delicious, it’s not about what you can eat, it’s what you want to eat. We take care to choose high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients to craft the most delicious plant-based products and then we let those ingredients shine - we never add any starches, gums, or fillers. Just 100% real goodness. Chef quality, without compromise.







Welcome to the cutting wedge!

Our Cheesy Roots

Founded in 2015, Nuts For Cheese™ was started by an inspired chef with a passion to spread positive, sustainable change through food.

Originally crafted in the back of a vegan kitchen, we had to quickly build our own manufacturing facility to meet growing demand.

We are now_____________________

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiastic, diverse artisans fueled by our passion for ethically-sourced and delicious plant-based food. Emphasis on delicious because we believe good food is the catalyst for bringing people together and making incredible memories. 

From our earliest days (and late nights!) in the kitchen to now, we have maintained our passion-forward, people-first philosophy and culture.

From one cheese lover to another, we invite you to join us on this journey!

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Wedges of Nuts For Cheese dairy free cheese in first packaging arranged in a wheel format.


The Nuts For Cheese Timeline

Margaret starts experimenting with 100% dairy-free cheese.

Margaret worked as a vegan chef and introduced a vegan cheese board to the restaurant menu which quickly became a popular menu item and customers wanted to buy it in stores.

Margaret Coons holding wedges of dairy free Nuts For Cheese at an early London Farmer's Market event.


The Nuts For Cheese Timeline

Farmer’s Market Debut

Margaret started selling her 100% dairy-free cheese wedges at the local farmer’s market in London, Ontario, growing a local fan base of non-dairy and dairy lovers alike.


The Nuts For Cheese Timeline

Retailers Come Calling

As the buzz around Nuts For Cheese grew, local retailers started asking Margaret to sell her cheese in their stores. Packaging up the first wedges and shipping them off to Farm Boy was a major milestone!


The Nuts For Cheese Timeline

The Cheesequarters is Born

As we grew, it was time to build our own manufacturing facility. We opened our 9000 sq.ft facility in London, Ontario and quickly filled it with cheese! Since then, we’ve expanded our footprint to 25,000 sqft to keep up with demand and give us space to create new delicious dairy-free products. 


The Nuts For Cheese Timeline

Nuts For Butter Launches

We expanded our product line with house-cultured, dairy-free butters and were thrilled when Nuts For Butter was named 2020 Most Innovative Product by the Canadian Health Food Association!


The Nuts For Cheese Timeline

US Expansion

To the delight of our fans south of the 49th parallel, we started delivering our Nuts For Cheese product to Whole Foods Market in the United States and continued expanding to other natural food retailers including Sprouts Farmers Market.

2023 onwards

The Nuts For Cheese Timeline

More To Come!

Stay tuned as we introduce new products, expand to new areas, and cook up new ways to bring people together in the name of good food.