Our line of artisan, handcrafted, and vegan cheeses made from cultured, organic cashews are
sure to delight your taste buds. These healthy and delicious plant-based products are dairy-free,
gluten-free, and ready to enjoy in your favourite recipes. Shredable, spreadable and meltable,
any way you slice it, with our wide variety of flavours there is something for everyone. Our
cheeses all start with a base of cultured, organic cashew milk and other natural ingredients.


Tasty, Local, Organic Dairy Free Products

Nuts For Cheese was born of a passion for cooking and the flavour elements used to season our products, including chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, candied orange zest, and smoked artichoke and pumpkin seed pesto are all handmade with love.

What is Cashew Cheese?

Cashew cheeses are a plant-based, cruelty-free, and health-conscious alternative to traditional dairy cheeses. Our cashew cheese products are made from rich, organic cashews, and are cultured using traditional fermentation processes to produce decadent, creamy, and convincingly cheese-like wedges and spreads.

Nuts For Cheese cashew cheese products are available in a variety of flavours. We offer hard wedges, spreads, and cream cheeses with varying degrees of sharpness. We have a pairing for every palate. Our dairy-free cheeses and lactose-free cheese products range from mild and creamy, to a sharp and complex flavour profile.

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This company is a true passion project and sharing our products with customers has been a labour of love. Founder Margaret Coons worked as a chef at Veg Out Restaurant in London, Ontario for five years prior to starting the business.

After completing her undergraduate degree, an Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature, at the University of Western Ontario, she shifted her focus to fromology, preparing plant-based foods, and sharing her passion for cooking with others.

In recent years, Margaret has completed Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Professional Certification, appeared on Rogers London daytime television with creative vegan cooking demonstrations, and offered cooking lessons and classes, including appearances at London’s Veg Fest and the Covent Garden Market Kitchen.

Margaret has provided private catering; helped other culinary establishments create vegan menus, and now appears at the Western Fair Farmer’s Market every weekend to sell her popular cashew cheeses.

Many of our cheeses are air-dried and aged after the culturing process allowing for a sharpness to develop. Much like dairy cheese, the flavours of our artisan products will continue to sharpen as they age (not that we can ever keep them around all that long!).