Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is plant-based cheese?
A : Nuts For Cheese is a 100% dairy-free and vegan product made from cultured organic cashews and a host of other natural, organic ingredients.

Plant-based cheese contains protein from, you guessed it, plants compared to casein, which is the protein found in dairy, to make 100% dairy-free cheese. Various plant based ingredients can be used to accomplish this, but cashews are our favourite!

Q : Why do we need cheese made from plants?
A : We break this down into three categories:

  • Health – Various scientific studies have suggested that having a plant based diet and removing dairy is beneficial to our overall health.
  • Environment – We love living here and dairy production produces much higher rates of carbon dioxide emissions than plant food production.
  • Animals – We love animals! Being able to show you can have 100% dairy-free cheese without cows, sheep, or goats means a lot to us.

But, why do we need it most of all? Because it is absolutely delicious!

Q : How do you make Nuts For Cheese?
A : Our product is entirely made by hand in our facility in London, Ontario. We start by fermenting organic cashew milk with vegan cultures made in house and then season them with various high quality ingredients including Herbs, Spices, and Vegetables!

After the fermentation process is complete, our healthy products are aged for the perfect amount of time to produce a rich, sharp, and tangy flavour experience!

Q : What is it made of?
A : Cultured Organic Cashews!

Q : Are you Dairy-Free/GMO-Free/Soy-Free/Gluten-Free/Lactose-Free?
A : Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Q : Can you freeze the cheese?
A : We find it changes the texture a bit and can be harmful to the good bacteria produced during fermentation to store our products in the freezer for any prolonged length of time. However, if you’d like it shredded, try popping them in the freezer for about 10 minutes prior to shredding on top of nachos, pizza, pasta and pop under the broiler to melt!

Q : Is it shreddable?
A : Yes! See tips for shredding above!

Q : What is rejuvelac?
A : Rejuvelac is a culturing agent we use to ferment our products made from sprouted, organic quinoa. We make our own in-house!

Q : Is it organic?
A : Yes, we use only certified organic ingredients.
We believe that eating organic food is important for many reasons including avoiding exposure to unnecessary chemicals, increasing the bio-availability of nutrients, and protecting our environment by reducing soil and water pollution.

Q : What is the shelf life?
A : Once the aging process is complete, we cut, wrap and box the 100% dairy-free cheese to give it a 49 day shelf life.

Q : Are new flavours coming?
A : Look out for new flavours hitting shelves in early 2019! Do you have ideas for us? Let us know on social media.