Delicious, Artisan Styled 100% Dairy-Free Cashew Cheese

Nuts for Cheese is a local London, Ontario based brand of artisan cashew, vegan and 100% dairy-free cheeses. Our handcrafted, plant-based cashew cheeses are currently sold in local organic grocers and markets across Southwestern and Southern Ontario.

With a combination of cultured organic cashew milk and other natural ingredients, our artisan products are both a healthy and dairy-free alternative to traditional cheese products.

Using traditional fermentation processes, we are able to create some of the best tasting cashew cheeses that are creamy, decadent and have that melt in your mouth texture! As our 100% dairy-free cheeses are aged after the culturing process – they provides a rich sharpness.

Cheese and crackers – the age-old snack can now be even more flavourful for someone who loves to experiment with different styles and textures of 100% dairy-free cheeses. There really is no limit to what our cashew cheese can be combined with – as our customers use them in a variety of recipes and homemade snacks.

Whether you prefer 100% dairy-free cream cheese, spreads or cashew cheese wedges – we have all of them available for our customers. These products are essentials in every kitchen, as they arrive ready to serve. Spread it on a bagel or serve it with your favourite fruit – the options are endless!

Our artisan, handcrafted, 100% dairy-free cheese is available in many grocers and local markets. Please visit one of our listed grocers to purchase your very own cashew cheese!


Cashew Cheese London Ontario, Cashew Cheese Toronto Ontario

Our 100% dairy-free cheeses all start with a base of cultured organic cashew milk and are chock full of other natural ingredients.